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Renewable Energy

 Beightler Armory: Solar Array

This photovoltaic solar field at the Beightler Armory is the latest of the Ohio National Guard's efforts to go "green" and ultimately, save Ohioans money. Claypool Electric was particularly attracted to fostering this environmentally conscious development and pleased to install the 75KW solar array. The previous consumption of the armory was equal to releasing 130,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. The Ohio National Guard would have had to plant 326 trees annually to offset the same amount of emissions. 
The Ohio National Guard is expected to save more than $11,500 and 135,000 KW hours during its first operating year due to the completion of this array. 

 Hocking College Energy Institution: Solar Array

The Hocking College Energy Institute is an approved provider of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This established is LEED certified and offers comprehensive training programs that address multiple types of advanced energy, including fuel cell technology, automotive hybrids and interdisciplinary courses in solar energy, wind tribunes and hydro electrics. 
Claypool Electric wired the entire building and integrated all solar connections to the electrical infrastructure. Solar components were performed by Dove Tail & Wind. 
 Assurant Specialty Property 

More than 6,200 solar panels, installed on rooftops and atop 5 new parking canopies will provide and produce more than 1.9 million KW hours of solar power annually- making this 1.76 megawatt project the Springfield-Dayton area's largest solar installation. 
The solar power produced at Assurant Specialty Property in Springfield translates to a reduction of more than 1,400 tons of carbon dioxide, or the equivalent of planting more than 33,000 trees, or more than 280 acres of pine forest.  


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