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Location: Heath, Ohio

Design Build




Claypool Electric Inc. was chosen to assist Polymera design and install new equipment in an existing industrial facility in Heath, Ohio. 
This project had a unique set of circumstances due to the fact that all of the installed equipment was purchased from Europe and was
designed to European specifications and that there were no associated blueprints or wiring diagrams for the machinery.  Claypool
Electric designed and engineered a unique system from scratch to accommodate this equipment, which included multiple transformers
to convert 480V to 380V for the European specifications.

 Claypool Electric performed the following:

  • Added new Switchgear to the existing building to accommodate the increased power needs.
  • Designed and installed a disconnect bank to isolate power to individual machines.
  • Wired 3 extruder lines.
  • Powered a 400 Amp pellet mill and conveyor system.
  • Powered 4 new silos.
  • Pulled and terminated the control wiring for all sensors, motor controls, scales and levelers.
  • Designed, permitted and installed a complete new fire alarm system in the existing facility.


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