Waste Water Rehab/Expansion, Washington Courthouse

LocationWashington Court House, Ohio Contract$6,600,000 RoleElectrical Subcontractor Construction ManagerDugan and Meyers Completion2022

The Washington Court House WWTP was rebuilt and expanded to bring the facility up to EPA standards.


The scope of the project was extensive; and the WWTP had to continue to operate while under construction.


Work was completed over a 36-month schedule and included: all new electric in pretreat building, maintenance building, administration building, digestor building, blower building, 2- existing clarifiers, primary settling tanks, aeration tanks 1,2,3,4 electrical control room, chemical storage building.

All electrical infrastructure was upgraded 15 KV, 5 KV 480, 120/208 volt; all new switchgear and MCCs; all new duct banks with 18 new vaults; new IPS building; new UV system; new dewatering system; new clarifier; and new electrical distribution building

Photo Credit: Jennifer Woods, Record-Herald

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