Dublin Road Water Plant Standby Power Project, City of Columbus

LocationColumbus, Ohio Contract$2,700,000 RoleElectrical Subcontractor Construction ManagerKenmore Completion2021

The Dublin Road Water Plant, operated by the City of Columbus Division of Water, relied upon utility providers to deliver electrical power for the treatment and pumping of water at the plant. In the event of power outages, the plant had no alternative source of power which meant that water service could be interrupted for extended periods of time. The City added standby power systems at the water plant in order to maintain continuity of service in the event of a power outage.


The project needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the operation of the plant, which required extensive coordination to plan the required outages.


The project included a new generator substation consisting of two 5KV generators and new 5KV paralleling switchgear building. We also installed 14 manholes, 1,800 feet of duct bank, six sets of 5KV cable & control wire to connect the new generator substation to the facilities existing main 5KV electrical substation. This large, deep duct bank had a significant number of existing utilities to cross. A PLC and all new control wire were installed into the facilities existing main 5KV switchgear for load shedding purposes.

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