Fairfield Medical Center, Fiber and Data Closet Relocation

LocationLancaster, Ohio Contract$315,000 RoleElectrical Contractor Construction ManagerClaypool Electric Completion2021

Relocation of network backbone infrastructure through a newly established main equipment room and the establishment of three new technology closets in a working hospital.


Relocation of 16-12 strand and 2-24 strand multi-mode fiber optic cables and the establishment of three new TRs in an existing working hospital environment. Fiber relocation and change overs had to be managed off hours and efficiently to reduce downtime and operational interruptions.


The hospital was completed on time with limited down-time and outages. After the relocation, the hospital had a much more stable and manageable system.


• Relocation of multiple backbone cables.
• New Main 1st floor technology closet.
• New Cardiac Cath Lab closet with associated fiber connection.
• New Oncology Radiology closet with associated fiber connection.
• Rework and relocation of over 2,000 network drops in three TRs.
• Removal of over 30,000 ft. of old and unused data cables.

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