Medical Marijuana Grow and Cultivation Facility

LocationColumbus, Ohio Contract$2,300,000 RoleElectrical Contractor Construction ManagerLincoln Construction Completion2021

This 65,000-square-foot facility contains 12 separate grow rooms to accommodate the various stages of the plant’s growth. Each room is approximately 2,800-square-feet and included upwards of 190 light fixtures and 18 air handling pieces supported independently from the structure above the rooms. The facility also includes areas for drying, trimming and extraction of the oils and office space for the staff.


The layout and coordination of the grow rooms was challenging. All of the items had to fit within the limited footprint of each grow room, including lighting, sprinkler, air handling piping and irrigation items.


Project was completed using 15,500+ hours.


The building included a 3,500 Amp electrical service and a 200KW generator.

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