Magna Seating

LocationLancaster, Ohio Contract$1,170,000 RoleTechnical Consultant and Electrical Contractor Construction ManagerMeridian Design Build Completion2020

Claypool Electric was hired by Chicago-based general contractor Meridian Design Build to work as the electrical subcontractor for the Magna plant core and shell. Claypool Electric was subsequently hired by Magna to provide additional electrical design and construction services that were outside of Meridian’s scope of work.


Claypool Electric worked with Magna to develop a temporary employee training center in an adjacent building so a trained workforce would be available when the new plant was complete.

Claypool Electric also worked with Magna to design and build a busway power distribution system for manufacturing equipment while the core and shell was under construction.


With a trained workforce and equipment in place the customer was able to initiate production almost immediately after final inspections and certificate of occupancy was granted greatly reducing typical startup time.

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