Electrical Vault Improvements, OSU East Hospital

LocationColumbus, Ohio Contract$1,500,000 RoleElectrical Subcontractor Construction ManagerFerguson Completion2021

This extensive project consisted of replacing the main normal power switchgear for the entire OSU East Hospital.


The project required extensive coordination and research in order to navigate the circuits and properly plan for outages. All outages had to be done off hours and during cooler periods in order to minimize impact.


• Set two temporary 2500KVA transformers and refeed the hospitals existing 1960s double ended switchgear lineup with 20 sets of 750Al. 10 to each side.
• Demo out the four old AEP transformers and 4000amp buss duct from the existing underground electrical vault.
• Installed a new (G&W) primary transfer switch that will transfer upon loss of one of the two AEP circuits that feed the hospital.
• Installed a new double ended substation with 3000KVA transformers.
• Installed six new buss ducts that had to tie into the existing buss ducts that feed the normal power to the hospital.

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