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Our ability to deliver a safe and productive jobsite is our greatest capability. The construction industry average Experience Modification Rate (EMR) for electrical contractors is approximately 2.0, while Claypool Electric's emphasis on ensuring a safe working environment has resulted in an average EMR of .62 for the years 2007 to 2011.

We are committed to providing a safe work environment for the employees of Claypool Electric, Inc. as well as the employees of other contractors on our jobsites. To this end we believe that it is the responsibility of management and every employee of Claypool Electric, Inc. to carry out their jobs in a manner which does not create any unnecessary hazards or unsafe conditions for the employee or any other person on the jobsite. Safety on the jobsite is not to be sacrificed under any condition to expedite the project, because of pressure from other trades or contractors, or because of personal ambivalence toward safety procedures. Safe jobsites are a necessary component of a successful, profitable project just as are skilled tradesmen, proper scheduling, and good drawings. Ignoring safety measures is costly to the individual employee as well as to Claypool Electric, Inc. Any questions or suggestions with regard to the Safety Policy should be directed to the Safety Director.
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